Monday, January 30, 2017

Breathe New Life into your Jewelry with a Re-Design

Some years ago I purchased a necklace from a local artisan that was made of pale green agate stones interspersed with emerald green round crystals. I liked the pale stones but couldn't quite make it work with anything I wore. Last year I decided to disassemble the necklace and re-design it into a set of coordinating necklace and ear cuffs. I set aside the emerald green crystals for another time and focused on the agate stones, accenting them with sterling silver balls, Czech crystal beads and tiny Japanese Miyuki beads. For the ear cuffs I used the smaller agate stones and the same combination of accenting beads. I liked the contrast of the cool green and the warm browns and gold tones of the smaller beads. What do you think?

We all have necklaces that were bought for a particular event, have become outdated or just need a refresh in their design. Perhaps you have a special event in your future and want to wear a vintage or family piece of jewelry that needs a tweak to make it work with your style. Let's discuss how we can re-design the necklace and possibly also add ear cuffs or earrings to coordinate.

There is a consultation fee as we will take time to discuss your thoughts on colors and design. Contact me at

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